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Participant Comments

We recently concluded the inaugural offering of Journey Through Conflict with a group of municipal staff from the North Shore. Here are some of their comments:

"I particularly liked the format of the sessions being ongoing and a couple of weeks apart. It gave me time to practice some of the skills between sessions, and meant that I wasn't overwhelmed by too much material at once. I really looked forward to the sessions and thought Gary and his coaches did a swonderful job of presenting the material and providing enough time for practicing and discussing the skills."

"Both Gary and the coaches were wonderful at keeping the subject fun and very informative."

"The whole thing worked for me. The timing over the 10 weeks was great and really contributed to the learning. Having a chance to come back and discuss what had gone on over the two weeks in between sessions gave us some really good, concrete issues to deal with."

"The course structure worked for me. The course was very well laid out. We read from Gary's book to prepare for the class, then had a class discussion, and finally put into practice with role playing."

"The course gave me the ability to look at conflict more objectively, not be intimidated by it or take it personally. This will help me deal with issues as they arise, rather than avoiding them and hoping they will go away. The format allowed time to process the concepts, practice the techniques and then reflect on how I was progressing."

"The course has given me a lot of new skills and understanding of how to deal with people in conflict. This has increased my confidence in dealing with situations and as a result, made my job and life easier and more efficient."

Participant Comments