The Joy of Teaching Conflict Resolution: A Trainer's Guide

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About this Book (Trainer's Guide)

This book combines two of my passions: conflict resolution and interactive training. I offer it to support you to develop and deliver conflict resolution and related workshops.

The Guide will provide you with proven activities, techniques, tips, and resources to help teach others collaborative conflict resolution. You can apply these activities to sessions ranging from a one-hour introduction to multi-session courses extending days or weeks. Some of the activities can even be used in one-on-one coaching sessions.

Although this Guide stands alone, it also serves as a companion to my book, The Joy of Conflict Resolution. Where appropriate, I have provided references to chapters in the book, should you decide to use it as a text for your classes.

What they are saying about
The Joy of Teaching Conflict Resolution: A Trainers Guide

From an instructor...

"...will be a valuable part of any instructor's library"

Sherri Calder, MA, Justice Institute of B.C. Instructor of the Year 2015

From a program director...

"...a treasure trove of tired and true teaching take-aways! Terrific!"

Kent Highnam, Program Director, Justice Institute of B.C.
Centre for Conflict Resolution - and master of alliteration

From a trainer...

"...filled with gems that apply to any and all forms of training"

David Gouthro, President, Consulting Edge and
Past President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers