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Recommended Reading

A list of books I feel are excellent resources for issues within conflict resolution. click here

Gary Harper on Audio / Video

Here are some interviews I've been asked to do. click here


A list of articles I've written and other articles written by some respected colleagues.
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Resources & Tools

A list of resources and tools used in my workshops and that I find useful. click here

Online Newsletters

A list of some online newsletters relating to conflict resolution. click here

Recommended Video Clips

A short video chronicling the work of Neve Shallom - an intentional community of Jews and Arabs building peace in the middle east.
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This clip uses refreshingly plain (but not profane) language to emphasize the value of addressing behaviour (rather than judging it or assuming the intention behind it).
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Two excellent videos showing excerpts from a variety of mediations produced by the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office:
Resolutionary People
How Do We Mediate Thee

Excerpts from MY BOOK The Joy of Conflict Resolution

If you would like a taste of the contents of my book, The Joy of Conflict Resolution, you can download a pdf of an excerpt below.

A metaphor is worth a 1000 words
--from pages 103 and 104 (98 kb, pdf)

Tips on Probing
--from pages 133 - 135 (124 kb, pdf)

Conflict Quotes & Sayings

A compilation of conflict resolution quotes and sayings from my book The Joy of Conflict Resolution. click here

In conflict, each person feels hit first.