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"Identifying the roles we play in conflicts has been enlightening. In fact, it can reduce the potential for a discussion to escalate to a conflict. Unfortunately, in our line of work, conflict avoidance is not always possible. Identifying the roles has provided me with the insight for me to put myself in the 'other persons shoes' faster, resulting in a clearer view of the total picture!"
Patrick Cantner, Worksafe BC

"A brilliant facilitator and mediator whose training sessions are as much fun as they are insightful."
Elise Roaf, MBA, CHRP

“Knowledgeable and relaxed - created a great atmosphere for learning.”

“It is very empowering to know how situations can be dealt with in a positive way.”
R.R., Retail Manager

“Gary Harper and these courses have made a dramatic impact on every aspect of my life.”
P.W., Advocate

“Thank you for your dynamic and highly practical presentation and its contribution
to our event.”
K.M., Canadian Mortgage and Housing

“Your presentation on Conflict Resolution is an integral part of Recruit Training and your knowledge and experience add credibility to our program.”
Sgt. S.L., Justice Institute of B.C. Police Academy

“I came to this course with a feeling of doom and felt forced to be here. After 3 hours, I realized that this could be the tool that changes my life. I strongly believe that I have achieved this.” Municipal employee

“High energy and upbeat presentation throughout the day turned typically low periods into periods of learning.”
Manager, B.C. Gas

“I just wanted to let you know how much I got out of your course. It's hard to find the precise words for it, but it just felt like I finally got it. The drama triangle made total sense to me. Thanks.”
B.F., Executive Secretary

“Your interaction and approach created a trusting, open and comfortable atmosphere in which to learn.”
J.B., Statistics Canada

“Fast moving presentation provided material applicable in diverse situations.”
Manager, B.C. Gas

“The course was practical and job ready to take back to the workplace.” G.S.

“Thanks, it was good for my morality [sic].”
Municipal employee “

“Thank you for this opportunity - I feel re-energized!”
Aquatic leader

“Gave me the confidence to realize my fears were not realistic.”
University of British Columbia employee

“A very positive course in how to deal with negative situations. I've come out of it with hands on tools and knowledge to deal with conflicts in the workplace.“
Provincial government employee

"If you're human, you should take this course."
Mediation student

"In any event, I think that anyone with a passion for what they do (you!) takes great validation from someone saying that they had a positive impact on their lives. I need you to know that your teaching at the Justice Institute gave me something that was an "ah hah moment" that has impacted my life in a positive way.

I had no idea that when I took the course I would be able to deal with conflict in the personal and business arenas in a brand new and much better fashion...that your insights took me out of old ways of doing things that were not working for me...and that the insights I gained would change my life in a good way. They really have! So, thank you."
IS, Manager, Health Care

"This course allowed me to come away with approaches I can use tomorrow, not just theory. I also appreciated Gary's enthusiasm."
L.J., Accountant/Office Manager

I currently work in a problematic environment. Gary's workshop provided me with some tools to understand and improve the situation. The best session I've been to in 16 years of working - a really empowering workshop. Thanks.
University employee

I work as a supervisor and these are excellent skills to have in my tool basket . . .  and to allow me to make conscious choices in conflict. Gary was inviting, authentic and openly sharing.
University supervisor