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Dealing with Difficult People

We all encounter people we find difficult to deal with. If not properly managed, these situations can escalate into confrontations: personally stressful and seldom productive.

There are time-tested approaches, however, which can defuse these situations, increase communication, and shift the focus from conflict to problem solving. Learn to reduce your own stress and improve your results when dealing with those you have difficulty with. This workshop is also offered through the UBC Life & Career Centre .

Conflict Resolution: Introduction to Win/Win

In this workshop, you will examine your approaches to conflict and learn to decide strategically on how you want to deal with it. You will also learn the fundamentals of collaboration, how to shift from positions to interests, and how to work with resistance and defensiveness. You will also gain tools to help you remain "hard on the problem", yet "soft on the people".

The joy of conflict resolution

This workshop is based on the concepts and principles outlined in my book, The Joy of Conflict Resolution. In conflict, we not only have our story, we become our story. This highly interactive workshop provides a framework to move beyond confrontational, polarized views and roles to allow and encourage collaboration.

You will explore a "drama triangle" of victims, villains and heroes and identify the root of conflict - the point "the knife went in". After applying these concepts to better understand your own role in conflict, you will explore how to help others transform their conflict stories into ones of collaboration. This workshop will provide you with insight into your own conflicts and allow you to be more effective in supporting others in conflict as a mediator, manager or coach. You will also receive a copy of The Joy Conflict Resolution.