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Articles by Gary Harper   

Gary Harper, Conflict Resolution Articles

The Road to Conflict (103kb pdf or html)

"Taming the Dragon Lady" (93kb pdf or html)

"The Passive-Aggressive: Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?" (92kb pdf or html)

"Conflict Drama: Victim, Villain or Hero" (204kb pfd or html)
"Dramatisation des conflits : êtes-vous la victime, le vilain
ou le héros?"
(225kb pdf or html)

"From Conflict to Collaboration: What's the Story?" (104kb pdf or html)
Better Conversations e-zine, April, 2005

"Understanding Conflict: When Did the Knife Go In?" (76kb pdf or html)
Better Conversationse-zine, August 2005

"Culture and Conflict: We're Not in Kansas Anymore Toto" (104kb, pdf or html)

"Conflict Conversations: Listen to Get the Picture" (article on metaphors)
(64kb pdf or html)

"Questions in Conflict: Why do you ask?" (80kb pdf or html)

"Conflict Resolution: Simple But Not Easy (Blame Your Gremlin)" (9kb, pdf or html)

"Three Good Reasons to Ignore Conflict" (97kb pdf or html)

"Conflict Lessons from the Sandbox: Use Your Words" (66kb pdf or html)

No News Isn't Good News: Why regular feedback is vital to a healthy and
productive work environment
(published in: Beyond Numbers Magazine, Oct. 2008)

Tips for the Telephone (64kb pdf or html)

Conflict Style Summary (160kb pdf)

Articles by Other Authors

How to Transition from Co-worker to Manager by Joesph Grenby (Crucial Conversations)

How To Interrupt an Incessant Talker by Linda Sapadin

Chheng Phung Poem - Stages

The End of Mediation: An Unhurried Ramble On Why The Field Will Fail And Mediators Will Thrive Over The Next Two Decades! by Peter Adler

Addressing Power Differentials in Negotiation: Don't Let 'em Push You Around by Stephen Frenkel (Harvard Negotiation Law Project)

In conflict, each person feels hit first.