The Joy of Conflict Resolution

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About this Book

The rapid rate of change in the workplace and among families often leads to conflict and confrontation. If unmanaged, conflict can undermine productivity and poison relationships.The Joy of Conflict Resolution helps readers understand conflict and its causes through the lens of the "drama triangle" of victims, villains and heroes. In an accessible, engaging and light-hearted style that uses stories and humor to explore potentially emotionally charged situations, it provides proven and practical skills to move beyond confrontation to resolve conflicts collaboratively.

What they are saying about
The Joy of Conflict Resolution

From an author...

"This book provides a humorous, accessible, and practical portrayal of how conflict happens and how it can be addressed in the home and in the workplace. Gary finds numerous ways to grapple with the drama triangle that gets played out in thousands of ways in everyday conflict. With the creative use of story and metaphor, the book lays out the changing roles of victim, villain, and hero, and how identification of these roles leads to conflict resolution. This is a valuable read for anyone wanting a quick and accessible understanding of the conflict that has captured them and how to get out of it."

Gerald Monk, Author, Narrative Mediation.

From a business person...

"For years as a trainer and consultant, I coached my clients to steer clear of what I call "The Victim Game." It wasn't until I participated in Gary Harper's workshop that I fully appreciated the self-imposed helplessness and triangulation that mark the drama triangle. I was then better able to show clients the futility of talking about someone instead of to them when you have a problem with them. Gary's story-telling approach transforms theory and experience into living colour. A wonderful approach of insight and skill development that I recommend without hesitation."

Neil Godin, President, Neil Godin International Ltd.

From a trainer...

"After having taught workshops on conflict management for two decades, it's such a wonderful surprise to discover Gary's book and his model. Gary's approach has the unique combination of simplicity and powerful impact. I have applied the drama triangle to many of my professional and personal conflicts with great success. The people I have shared it with have immediately grasped and applied the concept with equal success. I'm seriously thinking of sending a copy of this manuscript to George W."

Sivasailam (Thiagi) Thiagarajan, President, Workshops by Thiagi,
Author, Design Your Own Games & Activities & others

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