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Tips for the Telephone (64kb pdf or html)

Conflict Style Summary (160kb pdf)

Tips on Probing (from The Joy of Conflict Resolution pages 133-145) (124 kb pdf)

Conflict Style Instruments

Adult Personal Conflict Style Inventory
-- A free on-line survey, check out the Ron Kraybill version put outby the Mennonites. This simple survey could be shared with any team with an invitation to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each style. If there is enough comfort built up in team, there could also be a conversation about which styles individuals on the team most identify with. Another conversation could be to ask the team to identify what potential problems could arise with the particular mix of styles (and beliefs) that team has about conflict and what were the team's strengths. Make sure to leave time to discuss possible strategies to minimize the potential problems and build on the strengths.

In conflict, each person feels hit first.